AFL-CIO. Seabiscuit, Fortune, and more.

August 8, 2007

Kucinich really owned the debate, all things considrered. Clearly he’s in a position where he can say things like he’ll immediately repeal NAFTA and not have to later do that. He’s not looking for moderate appeal, he’s not doing much except for camping out on the left-wing, but his responses played well to the audience, and even at some points, to me. Clearly it’s sad that he’s a lost cause, but he is. He had the funniest line of the night though with the “I’m the Seabiscuit of this race.”

Obama stood his ground on Pakistan, which is interesting. He played it off well, who knows how long he rehearsed the answer to the inevitable question, but in a nation sick of being at war — threats towards our allies are not going to be well-received, except for perhaps Bush-weary moderate Republicans. He came off strong-willed and not wishy-washy, but it will probably still hurt his chance at then nomination.

Hillary ignores the lobbyist thing again, to her discredit. I know she can’t have a satisfying answer, given that she does take money from them and everything, but — talk about avoiding the question. She did well with audience reponse.

Edwards should have owned this audience, and could have owned this audience. He was right where he should have been on the issues, but he lacked the articulation the other candidates seemed to have in this particular debate. His comment about not being big businesses candidate and not being on Fortune magazine (Like Hillary Clinton), would have been perfect had she not been so poised in responding.


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