Will anything change?

August 21, 2007

In the 2008 election a new president will be elected.

President Bush, hopefully the worst leader any of us will experience will leave office, most likely with his head held high, still proud that he stayed the course.

If we elect Democrats — hell, lets dream and say we have a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress — my question is: will anything change?

Because if I remember right things were supposed to have already changed when we “took back Congress” in 2006. We voted, just like they asked us to. We told our friends to vote, just like they asked us to.

Remember this? They said we needed a change in strategy. All we had to do was vote for them.

Then, they sent the President a funding bill without benchmarks. Okay, yes, he vetoed the first one. Did they not see that coming? When they told us they were going to take him on, and fight against this war, did they mean to add “unless he says no?”

The Democrat I elected, for instance, Claire McCaskill was one of 16 Democrats who joined with all the Republicans to expand the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and continue to continue to destroy our civil liberties and give an untrustworthy administration even more power.

So, I ask you: what is the point of having a majority in Congress if we are not going to use it.

… and expanding on that: what is the point of this party winning elections if they’re just Republican Lite, and will create no real change, even if that is what they campaign upon?

The Democrats can vilify George Bush as the root cause of all of this if they want to. His administration has done many evil, evil things, but let it be known: the Democrats have let him.